The Worshipful Company of Plumbers

It was a great honour on Monday 3rd July 2017 as Hurley Palmer Flatt were present at the Worshipful Company of Plumbers – Annual Lecture and Dinner which took place at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park. The company was represented at the event by both HPF, Clients and our Graduates.

The evening commenced with a drinks reception and provided the opportunity for networking amongst the hosts and guests. The Worshipful Company of Plumbers exists as 1 of 110 existing Worshipful Companies (ranked 31 in order of precedence) and gave HPF the opportunity to feature in an event held with much high regard.

An annual lecture followed, which covered the topic on Water Quality- do we take it for granted?’ by Marcus Rink BSc (Hons) CBIOL CSCI MRSB MIWATER FRSPH, who currently sits as the Chief Inspector of the Drinking Water Inspectorate for England and Wales. The hour-long lecture provided an insight on the sources of drinking water; the nature of protective measures employed in providing safe drinking water and; a discussion of informative case studies where safe drinking water had been compromised.

The evening concluded with a banquet shortly after where all guests were dined and given the opportunity to discuss the lecture over a three-course meal.

A great and informative evening fused with laughter, merriment and a few selfies.