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Utilities Management

In both new developments and existing buildings, we can help you to manage and reduce your costs and risks, as well as maximising your opportunities.

Utility Connection

The provision of connections to utilities for energy, data and water is critical to most projects.

With our knowledge of the utility networks and our ability to advise on keeping costs low, we can also provide the resilience you need. We are well versed in evaluating risk, resilience, maintenance impact and regulatory issues, as well as advising on the best use of capex.

Working with you to engage with each utility, we analyse their local networks, understand the sensitivities of infrastructure capacities, formulate strategies and options, including those with combined on-site energy production, to make overall recommendations.

Having processed utility applications, we review and advise on budget and formal quotations from utilities, managing the process through to the successful delivery of the utility connections.

Energy management

Energy is now mission critical. We work with you from the board room to the boiler room: setting strategy and targets, reviewing technology and investment options, guiding implementation, as well as designing and delivering energy efficiency and on-site energy systems.

There is huge potential to reduce utility costs in your built assets, to achieve an excellent return on investment. In addition to reduced costs, benefits include: greater resilience to price and energy supply shocks as well as regulatory risks.

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