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Fire Engineering

Fire strategy is a critical component of any new building and Hurley Palmer Flatt’s fire engineering team provides cost effective solutions that meet regulatory requirements and safeguards people, property and businesses.

By working closely with the Architect and Design Teams, Hurley Palmer Flatt’s fire engineers will assist clients in achieving their goals.  This involves adopting a holistic and creative approach, for example protecting the aesthetic quality of the original design, minimising costs or maximising space.

We have been involved in the fire safety design for large and complex buildings over a range of sectors including Commercial, Healthcare, Retail and Residential.  The objective being to provide a solution which combines efficiency and flexibility to the design team and ultimate end user whilst also maintaining a high level of safety to occupants.  We start our approach by understanding the dynamics of the building, so we can develop strategies that complement the design.

The modelling of the development and the fire and smoke movement within buildings, along with the knowledge of human behaviour in fires, will ensure that occupants are able to escape in acceptable conditions. Hurley Palmer Flatt fire engineering uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which provides justification of environmental conditions within spaces, based on the movement of heat and smoke, along with modelling for the design of smoke control.

As well as ensuring adequate egress provisions, a cohesive fire strategy will address the fire fighting access to areas above and below ground, structural fire resistance and fire protection systems.  Fire engineering along with the structural modelling can provide the necessary structural performance in a fire scenario while achieving a cost-effective solution.

Our service also provides a comprehensive construction site; and pre / post building occupancy fire risk assessment service.  Extensive knowledge and experience in this field has allowed our service to diversify and offer clients a suitable and sufficient assessment provision as a means of satisfying statutory fire obligations.

Hurley Palmer Flatt aims to provide a professional and personalised service, developing valuable working relationships with Local Authorities, Approved Inspectors and Fire Brigades.  This enables us to develop an approved, in principle, design concept that can be developed to fulfil the requirements of the Building Regulations.

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