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Acoustic and EMC Consultancy

Many new and existing developments take place in noise sensitive areas. This equally applies to city centre and urban sites. At the very earliest stages of a new project we will carry out a noise survey which can be used as the basis for the design and in the support of planning applications. We have a portfolio of installations that we have designed in very noise sensitive areas.

The modern buildings’ electrical infrastructure can create many problems from electrical interference. This is due to the complexity and variety of devices which are now fitted to the core systems.

These range from computers and electric motors to thermostats and switchgear. This potentially can cause spurious effects such as harmonics, surges and spikes. The electromagnetic radiation that occurs as a result of this can damage and cause interference to sensitive electronic equipment.

Our specialist electromagnetic compatability (EMC) studies will identify and eliminate these effects both in the design phase or on existing installations where we have been called in to solve the problems.

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