Smart Buildings (IT / AV / Security* / IoT / iBMS)

As the digital world collides with the real estate world, new smart technologies are increasingly enabling us to redefine business process when managing and operating our buildings with greater emphasis on efficiency, sustainability and systems interoperability throughout a building’s lifecycle.

A vast array of digital/IoT devices are allowing us to collect large quantities of unstructured data from across traditionally siloed building and facilities management systems. The challenge is not just about collecting this data, but how we can unearth its true value to manage and operate with greater efficiency and flexibility. Organisations are redefining building design to create workplaces that put its people at the core of the building and focus on wellbeing. There’s a realisation that the wellbeing of people has a direct correlation to improving productivity.

At HDR | Hurley Palmer Flatt Group our approach is to work with our clients to envision a Smart Building Strategy. Once we have created a strategy, in collaboration with all key stakeholders we will define, design and deliver a Smart Building / Campus. Our smart design approach leverages the use of information and communication technologies to enhance usability, sustainability, efficiency and systems interoperability through a building’s lifecycle.

Well planned, smart building design will ensure the following key client objectives can be realised, as technology adapts and advances:

  • Adaptable digitally enabled future proofed network infrastructure
  • Interoperability of building management and IT Systems
  • Operational efficiencies, reduced costs
  • Big data collection and analytics
  • IoT cloud connectivity and app ready
  • Sustainable, agile, healthier, improved occupant comfort
  • Self-learning proactive maintenance

IT/AV, Security* and Technology

HDR | Hurley Palmer Flatt Group is an expert and well established technology consultancy specialising in ICT, audio visual, security* and digital building, smart infrastructures. We can offer our clients truly comprehensive strategy advice that helps navigate the ever-changing world of technology.

The unique mix of technology in-house services, allows us to capitalise on our wealth of leading-edge consultant expertise, that continually strives to exceed our clients’ expectations, through our experienced design approach and our diligent, proficient engineering skill sets.

We pride ourselves on being vendor independent as this ensures that any technology solution we recommend, is always the most suitable for our clients’ individual needs. We offer holistic strategies with pragmatic solutions, and have extensive experience in delivering technology based projects that helps our clients understand the benefits that technology can offer.

We are an industry leader in the design, delivery and integration of smart ICT/AV/security* and technologies across all sectors, including:

  • Commercial multi-tenant
    Financial headquarters
  • Residential sale
  • Private rental
  • Retail malls
  • Hotels
  • Data centres

Our Expertise

  • Digitally enhanced building connectivity
  • Integrated resilient high availability networks
  • IP CCTV and door access biometric systems
  • Cyber security* penetration testing and regulatory guidance advice
  • Collaborative presentation meeting spaces
  • Hotel guest room management systems
  • Residential smart home automated systems
  • Theatres and auditoriums
  • Satellite IRS distribution
  • 4/5G digital antennas systems (DAS)

Information on this Service is also available to be downloaded as a brochure: Smart Buildings

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*Security services are not provided in NSW, Australia. 



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