Building Structures and Civil Engineering

An integral part of the award-winning Hurley Palmer Flatt multi-disciplinary team, our Structural and Civil Engineers pride themselves in combining extensive engineering skills with outstanding problem solving abilities.

Our team has a wide range of experience having successfully delivered projects from data centres and high/medium rise buildings to leisure centres and large urban regeneration schemes. Projects have been delivered throughout the UK and also in Europe and North America.

Our ethos for project delivery includes:

Know the brief and constructively challenge it: the client’s brief is a statement of intent for the development that we have a duty to realise in the most advantageous and economic way for the client. We will seek to understand the client’s underlying objectives and correlate them with the brief and the other relevant site data.

Collaborative and interactive:

We are accustomed to working in multi-disciplinary design teams and we understand the dynamics involved in producing efficient design solutions. Close collaboration with the design team, client and contractor are key to providing the efficiencies in construction time and cost.

Enable accurate decisions:

It is necessary to provide the client with the appropriate information to allow him to make an informed choice. Often there is a desired architectural solution and we can engineer a solution that meets this requirement, however there are also a range of solutions that either don’t quite meet or exceed the architectural intent and they all have cost impacts associated with them; our aim to present the range of solutions to the client so that an informed choice can be made.

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