Advanced Building Design

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At Hurley Palmer Flatt we look at each design opportunity with a fresh and objective perspective. Our Advanced Building Design team works closely with the client and the entire design team, using state-of-the-art building physics tools and techniques as well as their in-depth understanding of the built environment to make sure no opportunity to enhance design is missed, be it in the materiality of the building or the selection of systems and technologies.

Advanced Building Design is a bespoke design-focused service, tailored to each project, which complements our Building Services Engineering and Energy and Sustainability services. The scope is developed to suit each project, focusing on the client aspirations and goals, as well as constraints specifics to that project. Our optimisation team works in close collaboration with the entire design team and especially the Architects, holistically assessing the design to identify opportunities for enhancements and improved performance that often surpasses the client’s aspirations.


We provide design advice ranging from fundamental matters such as the massing of the buildings, façade permeability and conditions within the surrounding public realm, to spatial integration of technology and controls interoperability. We focus on enhancing the overall space performance with special consideration to occupant well-being; ensuring spaces provide the best environmental conditions in the most space-efficient manner, which often goes hand-in-hand with overall value and economic viability.

Our Advanced Building Design team uses bespoke analytical studies to support each design optimisation decision. The studies are tailored to inform each project and use cutting edge building physics computational simulation to provide timely results. We understand that a building’s design process is one of constant evolution, especially at early stages, and our optimisation services follow the pace of the project, providing insightful information at the correct time.



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