Privacy Policy

Data storage

We collect the domain and IP address of all visitors to the Hurley Palmer Flatt site. This information does not identify you as an individual, but only the computer that is being used to view the site. The data is used for statistical analysis to help us improve our service to you. We do not link this data with any personal information collected through the site (see data collection and use). We also use cookies on the Hurley Palmer Flatt website for statistical analysis.

Data collection and use

On occasion, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name, telephone number and e-mail address, etc.) in order to receive or use services via our website. Such services include job applications and requests for information about Hurley Palmer Flatt’s work.

By entering your details in the fields requested, you enable Hurley Palmer Flatt to provide you with the services you select. Whenever you provide such personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with this policy. Any information you provide will never be supplied to anyone outside Hurley Palmer Flatt without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it.

We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as you use the service you have requested, and remove it in the event that the purpose has been met. We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, in accordance with relevant data protection legislation.

Access to your personal data

To enquire about accessing your personal data, or if you have any questions relating to Hurley Palmer Flatt data privacy policy, please contact: HR, Hurley Palmer Flatt, NWS House, 1E High Street, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2AF.

Please note that we charge a £10 administration fee for information requests.


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