Pathway to GATES Success

Our Graduate and Training Engineering Solutions (GATES) scheme was created in 2014 with the aim to help graduates learn and develop their skills, through their integration into an engineering team becoming an integral part of the business. The scheme focuses on the graduates gaining key competencies for chartership and to develop them into well-rounded and confident engineers.


“GATES gave me the confidence in my ability to carry out innovative design solutions” 
James Topping, Mechanical Engineer


Mentorship is a key element of the GATES scheme. Each graduate is paired with a mentor who guides them and enables them to become self-sufficient engineers over the four-year process. By having mentors, graduates have the freedom to progress in an industry that may initially appear daunting, knowing they have an experienced professional to guide and support them. This collaboration not only benefits graduates, but established engineers. Through mentoring, everyone can share and build knowledge, which will only enhance work which enables us to produce the best work for our clients.

After four years of hard work, focus and dedication, we are proud to say that Daryl Taylor and James Topping have completed their GATES journey. Through the GATES scheme, Daryl states that he had developed his ability to apply experience and knowledge to enhance the projects he works on. James has found that the scheme has given him the confidence in his ability to carry out innovative design solutions.


“I am thankful for the support and guidance I have received over the four-years”  
Daryl Taylor, Electrical Engineer


Our GATES scheme is a platform that the company are proud to have established and endorse, with alumni like Daryl and James recommending to all aspiring engineers. It provides young engineers the ability to build a foundation for their portfolios, with the projects they have had the opportunity to work on. With the documentation kept from day 1, graduates can reflect on their progression; from a controlled setting such as university, to an independent engineer with a solid foundation for chartership, progressing from assisting others to becoming the lead on a project.

The Hurley Palmer Flatt GATES scheme invests in the next generation of the industry’s leaders, embodying our mission to add value beyond just engineering.