Young Engineers in ASHRAE

By Raphael Amajuoyi, Hurley Palmer Flatt’s Energy and Sustainability Consultant

The Young Engineers in ASHRAE host the YEA Leadership International weekend annually, to support the development of YEA members who are 35 years old and younger. The weekend provides an opportunity for young members to network with one another, discuss a variety of industry related topics and to experience host cities with one another. This year’s event was in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, from the 19th-21st of October.

Business Coach and Writer, Tricia Evans facilitated the three-day weekend which was compiled of workshops, study group sessions and networking opportunities, with all in attendance encouraged to fully engage with one another. Friday started with an ice breaker session to welcome everyone to Belgrade, where we were all encouraged to discuss what we wanted to take away from the experience. Evenings were spent experiencing Belgrade with guided tours, sampling local cuisine and enjoying live music from local bands. We were also educated on the history of the recently formed country in a visit to a local museum.

On our second day in the city, there was a series of sessions that aimed to identify professional goals and understanding how people’s behavioural activities foster opportunities for growth. An interesting theme raised throughout the weekend was the differentiation between what makes a ‘good leader’ and a ‘good manager’. Thought provoking questions were asked of all participants such as what success means to us. Tricia also spent some time with us individually to review our LinkedIn profiles, providing much valued feedback on how to improve and enhance our online presence for industry related networking.  Sunday was a period provided for us to reflect on the weekend’s activities and for the event to be drawn to a close.

The weekend was truly an amazing opportunity. Our hosts from the University of Novi Sad were welcoming and helped us to have a cultural and immersive experience in the short time we were in the city. For anyone planning trips to Serbia in the future, I would suggest ordering a glass of a local fruit flavoured whiskey called ‘Rakia’. I would highly recommend young ASHRAE members to make the most of the opportunities presented to them and to get involved with their activities. They provide, not only enjoyable opportunities, but the chance to broaden your knowledge of the field and network with the future leaders of the industry.