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Elizabeth Romano, Group Head of Marketing, Hurley Palmer Flatt Group, discusses the unique perspective and advancements that podcasts can afford the construction and design industries.

The continual bombardment of data and information is one of the greatest challenges for any marketing department. With more content being generated and more channels with which to disseminate it, there is great skill in selecting the correct conduit for a particular message. Hurley Palmer Flatt Group is always looking for new ways to disseminate the great wealth of expertise we have, and continue to develop, to our clients and across the industry. For the 50th anniversary of Hurley Palmer Flatt we released a series of podcasts featuring our experts exploring the current and future of the company, the industry and important topics in which they specialise.

Whilst podcasts are not currently commonplace in our industry, it is a technological advancement that is greatly popular across a wide range of sectors, with increasing availability on digital platforms. As this is not something that many others in our industry have started to do, we are embracing our culture of innovation and going ‘beyond engineering’ as we explore this new and exciting avenue.

The series starts with ‘50 at 50 – An interview with Paul Flatt’ where Hurley Palmer Flatt’s Group Chairman and CEO Paul Flatt discusses his long relationship with the organisation, the changes he has seen in the industry over the years, and where the company is heading in the future. Divisional Director Paul Scriven and Associate Director Annie Marston explore the impact and implications of zero carbon legislation in the sector in the second podcast of the series ‘The Road to Zero Carbon’. The episode deliberates the road to zero carbon, the issues around creating zero carbon buildings, decarbonising existing building stock and why we need to take a long-term strategy.

The third episode explores the intriguing and burgeoning building type, the data centre. ‘Data Centres – the most vital building type of the 21st century’. ‘Smart Buildings, what will our buildings look like and how will they behave’ forms the focus for the fourth instalment of the series with Executive Director Paul Roche. All podcasts within the series are hosted by esteemed writer and Editorial Director Grant Gibson, who interviews all participants on the chosen topics. Alongside positive feedback, we have also received interest from clients who are looking to be part of future podcasts alongside our team, which is a testament to the podcasts hitting the mark and being highly received.

Podcasts are unique in the way that they act as an educational, empowering and diverse tool that fits into our busy lives. The podcasts reach out to an audience with digestible, relevant content in an easy to assess format, whilst engaging our current and potential clients. Whether engineering is your field of expertise, an interest or the complete unknown, our podcasts will help and utilising podcasts within your own marketing strategies is sure to elevate your work.

Elizabeth Romano is Group Head of Marketing at Hurley Palmer Flatt Group, with responsibility for strategic marketing programmes, brand management and delivery across the entire group. Prior to joining Hurley Palmer Flatt Group, she held several senior marketing roles delivering strategic marketing and building marketing functions primarily in the insurance industry. Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing and is a Chartered Marketer.

First published by – Architecture Magazine March 2019 Edition. Original article can be found here.

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