Energy and Carbon Management

  • End to End service delivery.
  • Collated energy data provided by HSBC for the sites identified in their portfolio.
  • Facilitates and reported at a “Hot House” with key stakeholders in operations and IT to capture ideas and obtain buy-in.
  • We have undertaken technical site surveys and produced an individual report for each of these sites, identified scope for energy saving opportunities. This included cooling; ventilation; lighting; power supply and environmental control.
  • These opportunities will, where practical, include outline costs and savings. We will also provide an additional executive summary presentation on completion of the pilot to include our recommended next steps.
  • We will identify potential for improved data gathering and recommend a monitoring and targeting strategy to maintain an ongoing cost management programme. This will include a high level review of web-enabled metering requirements and software solutions against HSBC corporate and property management requirements.

Our Portfolio