Project Wren

  • The current Reckitt Benckiser, (RB) facility at Hull has grown organically over the last 20 years and now requires a more strategic review of current building stock consolidation and future expansion.
  • This is reflected in Project Wren which includes both the upgrade of an existing 4000m² office building and the creation of a new 10,000m² laboratory building, which will house general labs and a clean room standard Pilot Plant.
  • A linking atrium, known as the Innovation Pathway is also included in the scheme.
  • To reflect the international nature of the RB business the LEED procedure was employed to illustrate optimum sustainable engineering, as opposed to the more UK-based BREEAM.
  • Due to the scale of the new laboratory building the internal and external infrastructure has been assessed and where required expanded. This includes a new 3.2mVA electrical supply.
  • The project is being procured via a two-stage tender process and the employer’s requirements necessary for the second stage tendering process were released in early Dec 2015.
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