Portavadie Marina Service Centre

  • ƒConstruction of a new 2,500m², leisure complex incorporating multipurpose areas for activities, sports and weddings. Thefacilities also include a fitness suite, swimming pool, café, treatment room and spa.
  • We conducted a value engineering process to meet the client’s requirements.
  • The Service Centre will provides a functional 1,000m² building to assist with the running of the site for the new leisure centre and existing restaurant and accommodation facilities.
  • The first phase – the installation of biomass boilers to make use of the client’s personal wood chipping facility.
  • The second phase – the installation of a biomass CHP pending the development of a new gassifier and genset.
  • On completion the biomass plant will provide 200kWe and 900kWth to the site.
  • HRD | Hurley Palmer Flatt undertook full option appraisals to determine the best subMW wood fired CHP.

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