London Office Due Diligence

  • ƒHDR | Hurley Palmer Flatt were commissioned by Omnicom to undertake due diligence reviews on two properties within the London area that had been shortlisted as possible consolidated office facilities.
  • ƒOne of the buildings was a new development which was still in construction, the other a building that has recently been vacated by a financial services occupier.
  • ƒSurveys of the building and reviews of the existing O&M manuals were undertaken for MEP, vertical transportation, structural engineering and sustainability.
  • ƒAs part of the exercise, asset replacement schedules were prepared to identify which plant items were likely to require replacing during the lease period.
  • ƒFollowing the short listing of Buildings 2 and 3 Bankside, additional reviews were undertaken and a final schedule of Proposed Client Actions in association with the lease prepared.

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