Gazprom Exports

Have a long-term relationship with Gazprom MT in the UK and have undertaken various projects including the fit-out of their London headquarters building and subsequent adaptations and reviews of this and other properties within the UK.When Gazprom chose to move their Russian headquarters from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Gazprom requested that the London team undertook these works for them to ensure the same level of quality and style was achieved in St. Petersburg. The chosen building was an existing eight-storey structure in reinforced concrete originally designed as a hotel. The floor loadings to the upper accommodation areas were insufficient for office loading and following several feasibility options, we proposed to demolish the structure internally down to level four whilst retaining the façade for the full height of the building. The ‘international team’ delivered the scheme with the assistance of a ‘General Designer’ registered to work in St. Petersburg who converted the design information for local approval. provided support for the client throughout the construction phase of the scheme including regular site visits and technical assistance for the more complex architectural requirements including an internal stressed wire façade.

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