• The project involved the replacement of an obsolete Honeywell system with a latest generation Cylon Controls system in a live office building between 2009 and 2012.
  • Main plant control and monitoring was distributed across 14 Motor Control Centres and Control Panels and comprised approximately 1500 hardwired control points.
  • Terminal unit controllers on the sides of Fan Coil Units (709 FCUs) and Constant Volume Boxes (710 CVBs) were also replaced in the ceiling voids in the office area.
  • An additional 150 hardwired points were added into the building as part of the upgrade plan.
  • Work was principally carried out on weekends and evenings to minimise disruption to the office staff.
  • We undertook initial survey works of the building to clarify the scope of the existing system and the phasing for the replacement equipment, produced a scope of works and tendering information and co-ordinated between client and contractor.

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