1 Fitzroy Place

  • ƒƒThe project involved the fit-out of 1 Fitzroy Place for Estée Lauder Companies within a newly completed Cat A building.
  • ƒƒThe project involves the fitting-out of the building to provide a central accommodation space for the many brands within the company.
  • ƒƒThe facilities include training suites which provide the facilities of beauty salons and spas which has required the provision of a new ventilation shaft to be introduced through the building to provide additional fresh air.
  • ƒƒIn moving from their current Knightsbridge address, the aspiration is to provide a more homely feeling rather than a commercial office space.
  • ƒƒNew catering facility is provided to serve the 500 staff and visitors.
  • ƒƒSka – Gold certified.

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