BCO Cycle Challenge – The Last Leg

BCO Cycle Challenge 2018…COMPLETE!

If you have read our previous two blogs on this you will know that we are very porud to have one of our engineers participating in the BCO Cycle Challenge from Copenhagen to arrive for Day One of the BCO Conference 2018 in Berlin at the end of May. There were 8 female riders out of the 60 riders, amongst them Hurley Palmer Flatt Associate Mechanical Engineer, Isabel Cashman serving as one of the ride captains. The ride was a collaborative effort, presenting a fantastic opportunity for networking with colleagues from our industry.

We did it! We cycled

Here’s what Isabel has to say:

“What a triumph! We reached Postdamer Platz, Berlin on a beautiful sunny day AND we were fortunate to have experienced perfect cycling weather for the event, sunny with minimum headwinds! As a gush of emotion on finishing, welcomed by Liz Romano, Emma MacLeod and Karen Jackson, I felt energised, elated and valued to have represented Hurley Palmer Flatt on this challenge. Cycling through the Danish and German countryside was a first for me and I loved every minute of it, especially the teamwork and camaraderie

This cycle challenge was a great metaphor for hot topic and subject of our BCO Conference, Smart Buildings.  To identify how we improve performance, we first establish a benchmark and how we do this is by gathering data which is then analysed.

Imagine as a cyclist, I am the building.

  • As a cyclist, I apply a heart rate monitor as one of my wireless sensors; as a building this could be a temperature or occupancy sensor.
  • As a cyclist, my heart rate data is automatically recorded (wirelessly) on my bike computer while I cycle; for a building, this would be the head-end BMS computer.
  • As a cyclist, I upload my data via Bluetooth to online software, such as Strava, for post-ride analysis and while riding, I can also instantly track my performance data. For a building, the head-end BMS software tracks and records data from sensors for the temperature/occupancy data as it arrives.
  • Converting this live data into graphs using software is a quick method to benchmark performance. Results can quickly be compared with the day, week, month or year before.
  • Smart strategies implement the Internet of Things to capture data for analysis and progress – we do it in sport and can easily transfer the same approach to our buildings.

Our value as a consultancy is to make sense of the data in plain language terms for our clients and with our Smart Buildings division, we can tailor a bespoke approach to realise the best return for our client’s investment.

Like a fluid flowing peloton, we all have a part to play in aligning the desired and design paths.”

 Statistics BCO Cycle Challenge 2018

  • 60 cyclists, 3 support vehicles, 2 mechanics
  • Over 500km cycled in 20hrs, 25kph average

Fundraising in aid of Barnardo’s Children’s Charity: > £21.5k

Thank you for your support and generosity!