Energy & Sustainability

At Hurley Palmer Flatt we have an absolute commitment to reducing the environmental impact of buildings over their entire life cycle whilst optimising their economic viability and the comfort and safety of their occupants.

For over 15 years Hurley Palmer Flatt’s dedicated Energy and Sustainability consultants have been thought leaders in the practical application of sustainable solutions into the built environment.

Whilst standard building practices are guided by short term economic considerations, our approach towards sustainable construction is based on best practices which emphasise long term affordability, quality and efficiency. At each stage of the life cycle of the building, it increases comfort and quality of life, while decreasing negative environmental impacts and increasing the economic sustainability of the project. A building designed and constructed in a sustainable way minimises the use of water, raw materials, energy and land over the whole life cycle of the building.

From Board level support helping house hold names set and achieve industry beating carbon strategies through to environmental and sustainability support through the entire life cycle of your building.

Our energy and sustainability experts focus on understanding the needs and concerns of your business, so as well as providing opportunities through our vision and innovation you will have the confidence that our solutions are appropriate and deliver results.

The environmental and sustainability demands on our clients continue to grow and change rapidly. We have an absolute commitment to remain thought leaders in this field giving you the conference we will have the solutions you need. Be it:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental and Sustainability Planning Support
  • Low and Zero Carbon Design
  • Passive Design
  • Green Building Certification, BREEAM, LEED, CfSH
  • Environmental Auditing and Carbon Foot Printing
  • Low and Zero Carbon Feasibility and Design
  • Dynamic Thermal Modelling
  • Part L and Building Control Support
  • EUETS and EPR Permitting
  • Energy Performance Certification (EPC’s and DECs)
  • Energy and Sustainability Awareness (Training and Campaigns)
  • Site Waste Management Plan
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